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Dr. Leslie Tucker

The Colleges You Want.

The Expertise

You Need.

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Virtual expert perspective and guidance using first-class college planning software

A Parent’s Point-of-View

“You can go on and see what your child’s been doing and keep track of what’s happening. I think it is beneficial to the independent education consultant to have parents involved even if they are just quietly watching from the background. It makes the experience just that much more valuable.” — Susan

Dr. Leslie Tucker

Finding the Best

I will help you:

+ Graduate in 4 (not 6) years
+ Earn a major/career you love
+ Have a fantastic college experience
+ Leave with as little debt as possible

AND have fun going through the process of planning for college!

Planning for college should not be a sprint, but a process—jump on board and lets get started.

To find the best "fit" college, students must dedicate time and energy to self-assessment, their situations, and their personal and professional goals—and then identify schools that best meet their needs.

There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. alone.

The average student-to-guidance counselor ratio is 450 to 1.

And given the cost of higher education today, spending a semester, year, or more at a school and/or in a major that's a poor-fit may serve as an expensive mishap.

Students experience an average of 42 minutes of one-on-one college planning advising during their four years in high school. Forty-two minutes. Total.

The college planning process may be taxing and sometimes stressful, but it's worth every minute. Take the time to find yourself at a best-fit school—enthusiastic about learning, excited about relating to new peers, professors, and environments.

"Let me help you reach your full potential—academically, socially, and financially"


What students and families have to say about working with Dr. Tucker

What students and families have to say about working with Dr. Tucker

Hiring Dr. Tucker was the best thing we could have done. We didn’t know where to start – and applying to college has changed so much since we went to school.

Thank you for all your help! Life is so busy for our family, we couldn’t begin to think about trying to guide our son through this crazy process.

You have been a life saver! My wife and I would be fighting. Thank you, Dr. Tucker for meeting us where we are at and providing such high-quality consultation. We now feel confident that [our daughter] is on right track for her future.

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