A Message From Dr. Tucker


Welcome - I am so glad you are here! Planning for college is not a matter of absolutes and easy answers but rather good judgment and thoughtful considerations. And although I do not make decisions for you, I do share insights and perspectives gleaned from years of experience—families can then make decisions based on fact, logic, and reason. Planning for college should not be a sprint, but a process—jump on board and lets get started. 

I have two home offices—one in Medina, OH and one in Venice, FL. (I know, so blessed :-). My students live across the country and our work together is done through Zoom. 

My Education

I have a Ph.D. in Post Secondary Education, an MS in Higher Education Administration, and a BA in Psychology. I am an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and trained as a Life and Career Coach through the Institute of Life Coach Training.

Aside from consulting and coaching students and their families, I am an astute researcher and published author.

I speak and present at local and national conferences on academic and non-academic factors that influence student success and college retention.

Dr. Leslie Tucker. Coach, LLC does not accept fees, commission, or compensation from any educational institution. Fees paid in exchange for services rendered are specific to the clients' individual needs. Further, the client/consultant relationship is held in high esteem; respect, integrity, and confidentiality.


Thank you for your time. You have been most helpful in this web of confusion thus far.

Student, Class of 2019

Thank you for helping us reduce the anxiety of the college planning process by encouraging us to plan ahead.

Parent, Class of 2021

Leslie is patient, thoughtful and sincere.

Parent, Class of 2020

I am so glad we contacted you! My son being an athlete is secondary, I want him graduating with a degree that is useful. The athletics department are just telling us what we want to hear just so he will sign.

Parent, Class of 2017

I think you are a wonderful advisor that knows what she is talking about. You give off a good bond to us students, you know exactly where to lead us when times get tough. Thank you for supporting me.

Student, Class of 2018

As a high school student considered 'at-risk', Dr. Tucker encouraged me saying, 'you can do this.' I didn't believe that I was smart enough for college. She helped me find a major that fit. Now, in my 3rd year of graduate school earning a masters degree. I can honestly say, I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Thank you Leslie for believing in me.

Student, Class of 2013

I will take all the skills, all the memories, and all the advice you game me and use it to help me move on with my life and become a better 'me'. Thank you for all that you have done to help me. I appreciate the time and effort you put into me. Without you, I would be lost.

Student, Class of 2017

Thank you for helping us decide between the Medina County Career Center and College Credit Plus for [Jim's] college preparation.

Student, Class of 2021

Thank you for helping us reduce the anxiety of the college planning process by encouraging us to plan ahead" —Parent, Class of 2021"Thank you very much! I will definitely be paying visits to you. You were so helpful, I appreciate it more than you know.

Student, Class of 2018

I had an overall great experience! I was able to get the help I needed to go about picking a major and figuring out what would be a good fit for me since at the start I was very stressed and didn't have the answers to anything. After multiple meetings, I have learned how to de-stress and get in a good state of mind to release the anxiety I have. I also learned a lot about myself, my passions and what I am best at which is important in deciding a major. I would have not been able to do that without the help of Dr. Tucker. By our last meeting, I was confident that I could say this is what I want to do which relieved a big weight off of my shoulders.

College Freshman, Class of 2022